In the event that you are looking for the very best spirit on the planet whisky from Scotland is actually where your search may finish

In the event that you are looking for one of the best liquors in the world, whisky, particularly whisky made in Scotland, is actually exactly where your search will end. Scotch whisky is considered probably the most high quality drinks in the world. Considered a drink of the gentlemen, Scotch whisky has now taken the planet by storm and it is enjoyed with equal relish by man and woman alike. It is certainly an aristocratic drink, one which must be savored and appreciated in order to take pleasure in the entire bouquet of tastes that are revealed in every drink.

Scotch whisky is a type of whisky that’s produced, distilled and aged in Scotland. The producers of Scotch whisky need to follow strict rules as laid down by the Scotch Whisky Regulations to be able to call their finished product a Scotch. For a whisky to be known as a Scotch it has to be aged for a minimum time of three years and needs to be matured in casks made of oak. The alcoholic strength of a Scotch needs to be less than 94. 8% according to quantity.

There are many whisky generating regions in Scotland. The actual Highland, Lowland, Speyside, Islay and Island areas are the main whisky producing whiskey yeast areas. All these regions is marked by its individual characteristics which is reflected in the whiskies produced here. The actual soil, drinking water and general climactic character of the region determines the flavor of the whiskies produced in these regions.

The Scotch whiskies that are from the Highland area are known for their fine stability and flavor. The whiskies from this region have a peaty as well as smoky personality but this character is not overpowering. This smokiness is carefully well balanced with a somewhat sweet yet at the same time a slightly dry taste which is long and lingering.

The actual Speyside area is very similar to the Highland region in its geographical features. In fact this region has got the greatest number of distilleries in Scotland and produced some of the finest single malt Scotch whiskies. The actual whiskies from this area are lighter and very balanced and are quite fairly sweet on the palate. The Lowland area produces whiskies which are light, floral, fruity and a little grassy to taste.

The stronger whiskies from Scotland come from the Islay region. This region uses a lot of peat to dry the malted barley lending a smoky and peaty flavor to the malts created here. The water utilized in whisky manufacturing also flows over peat which gives an additional peatiness to the whiskies created here. Since this particular area is actually coastal the saltiness from the air merges with the whiskies giving them a salty taste. Whiskies from the Island area are generally mild in flavor but instead of being sweet, is salty giving these malts an extremely seaside feel.

In the event that you are considering probably the most expensive whiskies in the world, whisky from the Highland and Speyside region is where your search will stop. The Macallan 1926 whisky which is produced in the Speyside area sold for USD$54000. This bottle had been sold at an auction held at Christies in 2007 in New York. The actual Dalmore 62 vintage had been one of the twelve bottles produced in 1943 from four single malts and offered for a whopping USD$ 58, 000.