Is It Preferable To Use A Free Blogging Service Or Should You Host Your Own Blog

In relation to blogging you are going to see that many people have finally realized this can be an excellent way to begin earning cash on the net. The issue comes when folks have to choose whether they’re going to use a free blogging service, or if they will be better off purchasing a domain name and setting up their own blog. There are both bad and good free blogging platforms available on the net, which mean some are OK to make use of but some should be avoided. If you happen to be one of the people that are looking to start your own blog we are going to be discussing a few of the options you have in this post.

Word Press is among the free blogging sites that enable you to create your very own blog, and this will be the first option we will talk about. Something you need to be aware of is that producing a blog on this platform can be a good idea since you can generate plenty of traffic from it simply because Google loves Word Press. Of course one of the major drawbacks of making use of this platform is that Word Press can end up canceling your blog at any time for any reason they want. Word press does not allow people to use their platform as a method to send individuals from their site to another web site, and that’s why people’s accounts get canceled.

Another option you have for creating a free blog is using a platform called Blogger, and this is a platform which is really owned by Google. One of the great things about utilizing this platform to produce your blog is that if you use it correctly there’s no reason Google would want to delete your account. Something else you are going to find relating to this platform is the fact that they permit you to monetize the blog with AdSense, and they are not against you utilizing this blog for marketing different affiliate programs. While google isn’t usually that picky with regards to deleting blogs, it does happen, but this is really a much better choice than using Word Press for making money.

For individuals who end up buying a domain name and set up your own blog on your own website, you are not going to need to worry about being at the mercy of anybody canceling your accounts. One of the best things about creating your very own blog is that you’ll actually be able to andd plug in’s to your blog which will assist you to earn money. Another advantage of this is you can actually have access to other themes that won’t be available if you select one of the free options.

If you happen to be one of the people who want to generate your very own blog you will see that hosting it yourself on your own domain will be your best choice. You need to also realize that you never want to have your account canceled once you put in so much work, which is the reason why setting up your own blog on your own domain is your best bet. Tips HERE.